Meghan Markle Daily Diet

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Before becoming the Duchess of Sussex back in 2018, she was a little known  actress on a little known show called the Suits.   The busy actress would get picked up by 4:15 am and spend the rest of the day on set.  The former actress would often eat clean during shooting, since the camera adds 10 pounds to your frame.  

Meghan drinks green juices pretty regularly, but she doesn't consider them life-changing, like some people do. "Green juice is a food-as-medicine philosophy for me," she explains, drinking it more as a way to boost her energy, like you would a late-afternoon cup of coffee.

Meghan would also have hot water with lemon right when she woke up, then eat steel-cut oats, bananas and agave syrup for breakfast.   For lunch, it was usually a salad with some kind of protein, followed up by an apple with almond butter later than afternoon. If Meghan needed another snack, she'd go for a green juice. An example of her dinner would have been pasta with zucchini, lots of parmesan, and a glass of wine.

Olivia James


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